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Administrative Coordinators

The administrative coordination committee will keep track of projects in the center as well as discuss future activities within the center.

Jens Overgaard

Cai Grau

Jan Alsner
WP Coordinator

Kari Tanderup
WP Coordinator

Louise Vagner Laursen
Academic Coordinator

Birgit Christensen
Budget and Finance, Forskningsstøtteenheden

Jens Peter Bangsgaard
CAK*, Rigshospitalet

Jesper Carl
CAK*, Aalborg Sygehus

Olfred Hansen
CAK*, Odense University Hospital

Anders Jakobsen
CAK*, Vejle Sygehus

Brian Kristensen
CAK*, Herlev Hospital

Bent Lauritzen
CAK*, Risø DTU

*CAK: CIRRO Ansvarlig Kontaktperson, CIRRO responsible contact person; responsible for the host institutions CIRRO related budgets, completion of planned CIRRO projects and reporting to the center administration.