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Christina Daugaard Lyngholm


  • CIRRO Connection: IP
  • Institution: Klinisk institut
  • Department: Eksperimentel Klinisk Onkologisk afdeling (EKO)
  • Address: Nørrebrogade 44, bygning 5, 2. sal
  • Zip: 8000
  • City: Århus C
  • Phone: 89492607
  • Mobile: 26842671
  • Email:

Research interests

Breast Conserving Therapy and longterm adverse effects after radiotherapy.


  • Laurberg T, Alsner J, Tramm T, Jensen V, Lyngholm CD, Christiansen PM, Overgaard J. Impact of age, intrinsic subtype and local treatment on long-term local-regional recurrence and breast cancer mortality among low-risk breast cancer patients. Acta Oncol. 2017 Jan;56(1):59-67.
  • Lyngholm CD, Laurberg T, Alsner J, Damsgaard TE, Overgaard J, Christiansen PM. Failure pattern and survival after breast conserving therapy. Long-term results of the Danish Breast Cancer Group (DBCG) 89 TM cohort. Acta Oncol. 2016 Aug;55(8):983-92.