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Thomas Sangild Sørensen

Associate Professor

  • CIRRO Connection: WP3
  • Institution: Aarhus University
  • Department: Department of Computer Science and Department of Clinical Medicine
  • Address: Aabogade 34
  • Zip: 8200
  • City: Århus N
  • Email:
  • Link:

Research interests

Medical image registration, segmentation and reconstruction, soft tissue mechanics


  • Sørensen TS, Noe KØ, Christoffersen C, Kristiansen M, Mouridsen K, Østerby O, Brix L. Active Contours in Optical Flow Fields for Image Sequence Segmentation. IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) 2010 pp. 916-919.
  • K. Ø. Noe, T.S. Sørensen Solid Mesh Registration for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2010; volume 5958 pp. 59-70