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Work package 08

Dose verification

to improve safety and precision of individualized radiation therapy using novel dose verification procedures based on dosimetry and Monte Carlo calculations.
Description of work
Task 8.1. Online in vivo dosimetry for brachytherapy. Use a newly developed luminescence dosimetry system for online in vivo monitoring of brachytherapy patients. Optimize system for clinical dose verification using hierarchical three-level measurement-versus-plan comparisons. Evaluate benefit of dose verification prodedure in terms of improved safety and ability to detect misadministration in a patient population.
Task 8.2. Monte Carlo based treatment plans for advanced radiotherapy. Develop and implement a Monte Carlo based precise dose calculation method for radiotherapy treatment plans. Benchmark results obtained with the conventional treatment planning system against accurate Monte Carlo calculations. Identify generic criteria for which plans are most likely to be susceptible to errors introduced by the approximative methods used in the conventional treatment planning systems. Give recommendations on treatment planning strategies for such treatment plans.
Task 8.3. Reference dosimetry for high-gradient fields. Benchmark Monte Carlo calculations and current clinical QA dosimetry procedures for high-gradient fields in external beam radiotherapy against reference dosimetry based on ESR measurements of free-radicals in alanine. Tests will include anthropomorphic phantoms and phantoms with inhomogeneous density and composition.
Deliverables (projected outcome)
D8.1: Optimized clinical procedures for online brachytherapy dosimetry.
D8.2: Evaluation of the cost and benefits of online brachytherapy dosimetry.
D8.3: Criteria for the identification of non-optimal treatment plans.
D8.4: Recommendations on treatment planning strategies for the plans identified in D8.3.
D8.5: Improved dose-verification procedures for plans involving high-gradient fields.