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Work package 09

Tools for dose plan evaluation and reporting

Develop feasible and effective tools for reporting and analyzing radiotherapy planning delivery and outcome for patients treated in a routine clinical environment. Describe a robust and economic roadmap to a national database of 3D/4D treatment data and outcome for all patients undergoing RT.
Description of work
Task 9.1. Design tools for systematic reporting of treatment data for patients in routine clinical setting. Design and optimize tools for automated reporting of 3D treatment data and outcome to centralized database and optimize compliance and acceptance in routine clinical setting.
Task 9.2. Tools for biostatistical evaluation of 3D treatment data. Implement models of dose response for analysis using treatment and outcome data from database for biostatistical evaluation.
Task 9.3. Test response models for 3D treatments. Validate the response models implemented in task 9.2 using data collected in routine clinical setting with the tools of task 9.1. Demonstrate the usefulness of automated clinical data recording for research. Generate precise descriptions of requirements for a feasible but effective national database of treatment data and outcome.
Task 9.4. Roadmap to national database. Generate a roadmap, timeframe and economic estimate of a national database of radiotherapy treatment and outcome using the definitions of requirements from task 9.3 and the demonstrated tools of task 9.1 and 9.2.
Deliverables (projected outcome)
D9.1. Analysis of existing tools for dose plan analysis and banking and evaluation of their usefulness and expandability to generate a national database of RT treatments
D9.2. Automated reporting of treatment data and outcome to database proven in routine clinical setting
D9.3. Demonstrated tools for visualizing and analyzing large-sample 3D treatment and outcome data for hypothesis generation and testing
D9.5. Establish feasible and effective path to a national database of 3D treatment planning baseline data and clinical outcome for all RT patients