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Aarhus University Hospital, Aalborg Sygehus

Department of Oncology

The group of leaders consists of Lisbeth Juhler Andersen, MD Head of department, dr. Peter Vejby Hansen, MD PhD Head of Clinical trial unit, and Jesper Carl, MSc PhD, Head of Medical Physics. Focus areas for research include a) clinical interventional investigations (with an experimental Clinical Trial Unit), b) Image Guided Radiotherapy (Combined image modality (CT, MR and PET) target definition; Precision radiotherapy using daily on-line positioning and tumour tracking -the department has been collaborating with an industry partner for several years. The focus of this collaboration is developing new removable metal markers for precision radiotherapy; and c) Investigating late effects of cancer treatment (Cognitive function in relation to adjuvant treatment of mammary cancer, and RACE - radiotherapy for breast cancer and subsequent risk of cardiovascular events). Facilities relevant for the current application include MR imaging facilities includes several MR scanners 1.5 and 3 T MR including spectroscopy; PET imaging facilities includes two PETCT scanners; and five linear accelerators with facilities for X-ray image guided robotic positioning including couch tilt.

CIRRO responsible contact person, CAK: Jesper Carl

Onkologisk Afdeling
Aalborg Sygehus Syd
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