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Aarhus University Hospital, Århus Sygehus

Department of Oncology

Radiation oncology research in Aarhus integrates clinical research activities in the Department of Oncology, physical/technological research at Department of Medical Physics, and the radiobiological laboratories of Department of Experimental Clinical Oncology. The leadership of the collaborative research lies with head of department Ole Steen Nielsen, professor Jens Overgaard, and professor Cai Grau. The radiotherapy department has just completed expansion to eight linear accelerators, seven of which are equipped with on-board imaging and other relevant facilities for high precision radiotherapy including volumetric dynamic arc therapy. The institution has played a significant role in research and developments in radiation therapy, both on a national and international level. Through a large donation from the A.P. Moller Foundation, the department hosts the only dedicated research linear accelerator in Denmark. Conformal CT-based radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy, image guidance including daily cone-beam based set-up, and stereotactic radiotherapy (intracranial and extracranial) is well implemented in the clinic. The Department of Experimental Clinical Oncology is conducting clinically oriented translational research in oncology, especially focusing on research related to radiotherapy and its application. The institution has a large clinical trials unit. Main local collaborators are the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and the PET-centre of Aarhus University Hospital, where collaborative studies on functional imaging in radiotherapy planning, including functional MRI and PET/CT dose planning are performed. There is also a strong connection to the Institute of Physics at Aarhus University, including joint projects on proton therapy and anti-protons.

Department of Oncology
Noerrebrogade 44, Bldg. 5
8000 Aarhus C

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