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Odense University Hospital

Department of Oncology

The leadership of the collaborative research lies with head of department Niels Holm, two professors:Jørn Herrstedt and Marianne Ewertz and five associate professors:Lars Bastholt, Jørgen Johansen, Søren Cold, Per Pfeiffer and Olfred Hansen head of the radiotherapy unit. In addition, we have a research group in the laboratory of radiation physics comprising a research physicist and two computer scientists. Their activities are focusing on 4D imaging, 4D dose planning, precision in delivery of radiotherapy with the aim of reducing radiation to normal tissues and increasing the tumour dose. The radiotherapy unit in the department has currently 6 linear accelerators and is currently expanding with 2 new accelerators. Of these, 4 will be state of the art accelerators with facilities which enable dynamic arc therapy. The department has two CT-scanners with in-house developed 4D capabilities, and 4D facilities for our cone beam CT function on the accelerators. Conformal CT-based radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy, image guidance including daily cone-beam based set-up, and stereotactic extracranial radiotherapy is routine practice in the clinic. The radiotherapy unit works in close collaboration with the department´s large clinical trial unit.

CIRRO responsible contact person, CAK: Olfred Hansen

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