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Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

Department of Radiation Oncology

The Department of Radiation Oncology is a separate unit with the primary propose to offer cancer patients radiotherapy. Furthermore, the department is assigned to do research in clinical radiotherapy, radiobiology and medical physics. The clinic share doctors with The Department of Oncology. The department is one of the largest departments of radiotherapy in Europe with 13 accelerators, all equipped with multi-leave collimators and portal vision systems. Six of the accelerators have ExacTrac for IGRT and further, four of the accelerators have the OBI system with the possibility to perform cone-beam CT-scans. Furthermore, the department has one dedicated accelerator for stereotactic treatment. For imaging examinations the clinical has two 40-slides dedicated CT-scanners and one dedicated MRI-scanner. The Department of Radiation Oncology has a close collaboration to the PET-unit and sharing doctors with this department, and the clinic includes two PET-CT-scanners for radiotherapy planning. The leadership of the collaborative research lies with head of the department Svend Aage Engelholm, professor Søren Bentzen, associated professor Stine Korreman and associated professor Lena Specht. The department has been leading in the field of 4D-radiotherapy and was the first department in Scandinavia to introduced IMRT, IGRT and respiratory gated radiotherapy. The clinic is leading in the field of PET-/CT-, 3- and 4D PET/CT radiotherapy and has collaboration with a number of University Clinics worldwide including Stanford University, California. The clinic has received grants from a number of privet and public foundations

CIRRO responsible contact person, CAK: Stine Korreman

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