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Risø - DTU

The Radiation Research Department

The Radiation Research Department at Risø DTU (Technical University of Denmark) has extensive experience within the fields of dosimetry and luminescence research. The department is particularly strong in the development of innovative instruments and procedures for luminescence dosimetry, and luminescence laboratories world-wide use equipment developed at Risø. The department runs an accredited calibration laboratory for high doses using calorimeters, alanine and radiochromic films. The medical dosimetry research focuses on fiber-coupled time-resolved dosimetry with organic scintillators or alumium oxide. These techniques are aimed for in vivo dose verification in brachytherapy, IMRT and radiation therapy with protons or light ions. Reference dosimetry with alanine is another important research area. The experimental work is supported by theoretical models such as Monte Carlo based radiation transport calculations with GEANT4 and EGSnrc. The medical dosimetry research currently involves three senior scientists, one post doc, two PhD-students and one BSc-student. Main international collaborators within the field of medical dosimetry: Malmø University Hospital (S. Mattsson), National Physical Lanoratory (P. Shape), German Cancer Research Center – DKFZ (N. Bassler), Oklahoma State University (E.G. Yukihara & S.W.S. McKeever). Main national collaborators with the field of medical dosimetry: Århus University Hospital (K.Tanderup), Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet (S. Korreman), Copenhagen University Hospital, Herlev (C.F. Behrens).

CIRRO responsible contact person, CAK: Bent Lauritzen

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